Yeah, I am alive aka Status Update

For those wondering - apparently there were people doing this, at least on FB.... YES, I am alive.

BUT, and this is a big but, on top of my annual ritual of sleeping for as long as I can during the summer I managed to do lots and lots of stuff that I found interesting/calming/etc. 

So, I managed to

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And that's pretty much it since I don't want to depress people with stories about me trying to do the schedule for the whole faculty and such. On the plus side - the school year starts in one week and the TV season is doing pretty much the same. BUT, on the minus, at least for me - No trip to Italy this year :(((((( because Galacticon 6 is postponed for next year. 


I finally did it (aka Dr. Baltar I'm coming after you)

So, as some of you might know I struggled for a while with the process of defending my PhD thesis. It was a big (epic I might say) disccussion about the length of my studies and the way that I wanted to be presented and the way that my prof wanted it and I just don't want to get into that.

BUT, since I was pretty much absent from LJ for  some time now I felt that it's my duty to inform everybody that I managed to DO IT. This morning (almost 12 hours ago) I defended it. It was success if I can say so - everybody left the room smiling, I spoke for only 45 minute (there is a problem in our  field with people speaking like for hours to no end) and tomorrow I'm going to the Rectory with the folder for the Official national board for PhDs (or whatever the name of the strange thing is).

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So, all in all like I was saying on twitter earlier YOU CAN CALL ME DOCTOR (in electrical engineering but that's irrelevant).
Anyway, what I want to finish with is a big thanks for the moral support that I got from some people that are part of this nice virtual world (you know who you are so I'll not mention you all because I'm afraid that 'll forget somebody). There were days in which you made me smile or grin or something and that helped me to go on with all the work and RL craziness.
Taking this opportunity I'm warning you that starting with this weekend I plan to start a big reading spree and consequently I'm going to restart my commenting strange habits.

Watching all the things - Fairly Legal

I didn't do this in a long time but I decided to bore everybody again with my strange TV habits.

This week's subject is FAIRLY LEGAL.

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Before I forget - why is February 7th  so far away?

About the serious part of my life I'll not say more than the fact that the elusive chapter 7 of my thesis is a WIP. But it exists so that's a good thing. Now I only have to finish it and the profs to approve it and then..... Gaius Baltar here I came.

Watching all the things – Warehouse 13

To be sincere with all of you (if anybody actually reads these things) I wanted to write about this like 2 weeks ago. But like always RL was not very good to me. So, instead of writing this, and maybe something more, reading all the great fic out there – on both the applecart and reel!pilots – and getting ahead – hopefully beyond 1965 – with Dr. Who, I ended up writing like 2 scientific articles, 5 yearly reports both on financial and scientific sides, finding out that my advisor apparently “needs another chapter” before I defend my thesis and grading endless piles of test, reports and midterms. Btw, if any of you meet the person who invented midterms please send them my way. I want to have a word. Every year it’s the same - I hate midterms now as a teacher more than when I was a student. And one would think that I got used to it in the last 8 years since I crossed the proverbial line.
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Watching all the things – Once upon a time

Upon callmeonetrack's friendly suggestion and taking advantage of the fact that this was a week with little to none new episodes from the shows that i usually watch i went looking for this fairy-tale thing. And despite my lack of confidence and a lot of preconceptions I sort of enjoyed it.

Now, because I want to be fair to the series - the whole preconception thing started around 20plus years ago when I was my nephews age (btw, Happy birthday kid) and all the fairy-tales started to bore me to death and consequently I started to read Dumas and Zevaco and you know. So, the idea of Cinderella and Prince Charming and bla-bla was sort of.... but it came with high recommendations so I gave it a chance. 

And I am not sorry. The story is funny and realistic - as realistic as a story based on a fairy-tale can be and the casting is wonderful. I'm amused by the idea of the evil queen as the mayor and that Snow White is not only a other but a grand-mother, and the kid reminds me of my own nephew so much that makes me laugh. and the sheriff... hmmm, I'll not say more. anyway, if you ever liked the idea of a prince charming that is not always on top of things and a princess that takes charge of things - and I know that most of you did - give it a try.

On another note: no new BoP, Bones or Blue Bloods this week, but Castle was great and NCIS, H5O and Good Wife were ok.  Sanctuary was funny - and strange. and Merlin was plain sad.

and I'm sad to say that I not only missed all the talk at N_T this week but I didn't get to read any of the new fics out there, including the new chapters from kag523 - sorry for that.

Anyway, is it wrong that I miss Vampire Diaries? even if I do have to go tomorrow with my sister to see Breaking Dawn?

Well, I can only hope to have a better week starting tomorrow.


Watching all the things – Body of Proof

After the very goods that well have our favorite actor on TV in January for at least 3 weeks and even more after the 2 great on-set pictures that we got last week I become interested on BoP as a series. After realizing that it’s the kind of series that I normally enjoy – as I watch like more than 10 procedurals every week and two of my favorites are Bones and Castle – watching this became a must.

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 I’ll end this with the obvious


Credits for the picture are going of course to Corey Miller


Watching all the things – Part I, Dr. Who

Actually watching all the series.

After coming back from Italy I had to make a real effort in trying to catch up to all the series that I usually watch. Before I forget – I still owe all of you the second part of that story, and pictures, which btw can be found on FB if there are persons who are interested in seeing them before I manage to post a couple of them here.

So, that made me realize that maybe I should adopt the idea of a couple of people from my Flist and write something about this, especially since I know that some of you are watching similar series.
Since by my count I watch around 25 shows on a weekly basis I decided to start slow. Meaning with the last series that I started and I have like hundreds of episodes until I catch up, namely, Dr. Who.
As some of you might now, I’m sort of strange about series and I HAVE TO watch everything in their order. Consequently, I started with the first Doctor – the one from 1963. I know, that’s way before I was born and it’s in B&W. So, my question for you, if you are kind enough to answer it, is:
Is that a big mistake? Like really big? Or is it a good think?
Please take into account that at the rate that I’m going it will take me a good 6 month probably before I get to more actual doctors.

Galacticon - Day 1

Hello everyone! yesterday I managed to get to Ferrara. /the place is beautiful, the city is very nice, the prices are high - but that is pretty normal and the hotel is confortable.

I managed today to register to the con, i gor my T-shirt, my personalised Dogtags and my badge. because of the rain i had to leave and buy an umbrela - i always forget how much is raining in this country especially in the autumn. I'll go to lunch and then back to Galacticon. apparently we'll watch the Mini later on and there are going to be people with costumes.

Unfortunately because of the internet situation - i only have coverage in the main hall of the hotel and only for one hour a day, the pictures are going to have to wait until monday night. 

The meeting with James Callis is tomorrow so no news on that front yet.

If you want to find something out - please ask, I'll try to find out. 

that is for now - I'll be back later or tomorrow with more news.